Sunday, December 4, 2011


Whoosh whoosh!

This is my last week of class, and then 2 days of finals, and I am free to work on things again!

Brief updates:

Prototype HuCard contest is going on at , where people are high-score competing to win the ability to buy one of the prototype cards.

That being said:

The cards will have a few funny little demos/doodads on it. It's a novelty piece, not a commercial power house. It's being used to raise funds to make our board professionally, rather than personally.

When the real-deal boards are ready for mass distribution, they are going to have the following games:

Light Cycles

So, 4 games all slapped onto one HuCard, with some Turbo flair to them to make them more than an Atari 2600 caliber release.

More details on that to come.

Retrocade is coming along, and work should pick up on it once the semester concludes in 1.5 weeks. :)

ALSO, I will be selling Insanity X soundtracks. Light scribed color discs in a matching slim jewel case. They'll be 10$ and include:

Remastered Insanity Synthtunes
Remastered Insanity Chiptunes
Aetherbyte Theme

All proceeds will be going towards further development of PCE stuff.


Friday, November 4, 2011

November Updates

These 4 pictures say it all, really.

This is a prototype, More details on what this means to come.

I hope everyone has wet themselves.

If not, be sure to look at picture #2 again. We did it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


My last real semester for my masters started recently. As a result, I am slammed with work.

I will be working on Atlantean when I have time. Same with

This doesn't mean I am not actively thinking about things in my head when I am doing other stuff...

Lots of plans for Atlantean to make it go smoother.

Don't fret though! TheOldMan will still be doing his stuff.

The semester is already like 4 weeks in, so theres only 12 left. and then winter break!

and then a thesis in the spring. Oh boy.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Site redesigned.

Working on OCD tweaking the flight physics for the Atlantean ship so its all slippery like Defender/Solar Jetman/Asteroids/Any game with thrust/counterthrust.

All of the art for the game is done, loaded into VRAM, and operational.

Summer is a busy go-outside-the-house kind of time, so work has been a little slow. It should pick up once August ends.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Defender is coming along.

I hate HuC.
6502 assembly is very annoying.

Long Live z80, and long live the catbus.

Monday, August 8, 2011

August and stuff

We're all doing more of the usual. I've been reorganizing/diddling around with Atlantean, getting things how I want them.

The scrolling is all set, shooting is all in, custom colorful font is present, humanoids are meandering around the bottom of the screen...

working on screwing with VRAM access for radar.

once thats all in place, I will be adding enemies in, one type at a time to mess with their AI.

Everything else Aetherbyte is shipshape. Go Team Aetherbyte!

and if you haven't seen it already:

You can grab Insanity X for the 360 for just 80 points! That's 1$!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The scoop. Post CCAG, and stuff

Here is what is going on thus far and whatnot. An inside-scoop, behinds the scenes, OMG YEAH. if you will!

Arkhan (Me):
  • optimized/cleaned up Atlantean some. I reorganized it like an OCD lunatic. Worked on it's SFX, and started on new songs. I am happy with the parallax and sprite use.
  • Worked on music for Pyramid Plunder, since the SFX got happy feedback so I consider them done. Now I just need to lrn2Egypt some more for music.
  • worked on music for a friends game: . Shameless plug. Deal with it. ;)
  • meshed out more ideas/plans/code stuff for the rest of the Retrocade.
  • Messing with the HuCard design to slim it up slightly. Following a few more leads on manufacturing nice cards.
  • Taking a break from coding for about 2 weeks (summer vacation excitement! PS3, Famicom and PCE! GO GO GO!)

OldMan (not me):
  • Found/fixed a few bugs in Pyramid Plunder!
  • Working on Jungle Hunt engine (with myself and Sunteam_paul guiding and testing for him as far as controls/playability, and visuals. I think the Atlantean style parallax will be showing up in it)
  • Still tinkering with HuCard construction!

J (also not me):
  • Noodling with Skate or Die 2 prototype to flesh it out into something thats not a prototype.

Sunteam_Paul (our artistic savior):
  • Working on Skate or Die artwork like a mad scientist. That should be our next presentable demo.

There is some other stuff, but that is what is going on thus far.

Its sure nice to have help in the land of Aetherbyte. I suck at art, and programming is time consuming.

I hope some of you buy the Xbox 360 port of Insanity X!

If it does reasonably well, I fully intend to move Retrocade games there.

Get it here!:

Monday, June 20, 2011


Well, Insanity X is now 80 points on the Xbox live indie games marketplace!

Go get it! :D

We just did the CCAG on June 18th, and posted videos on YouTube... check em out! Insanity X gameplay Atlantean! Pyramid Plunder Something Epic


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

latest from the Aetherfront

Insanity X is still in peer review. Had some complaints about the font readability that I addressed, and now it will be re-reviewed. Aside from that it got passed, so we should be all set!

In the mean time, enjoy this PSA. It's all about the future of chiptunes.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Insanity X

It is now in peer review and will be available for 80 Xbox Live points as soon as it passes!

Lots of improvements over the original.

BOXART! (digital only. It's just an image, since its a download only!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Been a while since an update!

Insanity X, the Insanity port for the Xbox 360 is about to hit peer review!

The game is as faithful to PCE Insanity as possible, with some of the issues from the original addressed, and a few other improvements:

1) Faster player speed
2) More robots!
3) More balanced difficulty curve (instead of really easy followed by OMG HELP)
4) Better sfx
5) I remastered the CD audio a bit
6) Better robot AI (sort of. Robots are still so goddamn dumb)
7) A special treat you will have to find
8) New title screen and game over screen images.
9) Fixed in-game graphics, kind of.

So in the very very very near future, you can buy it for 1 money off the XBLA!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


More Insanity Xbox 360 port info!:

Core of game is 100% done
Boss Battle portion is 99.9999% done

Menus/stuff are 0% done but easy to do!

Following this, PLAYTESTING.

On an Xbox 360!


Monday, February 7, 2011

February and stuff

Check out our facebook page:

I'll be posting stuff there too incase people are facebook junkies.


Defender Clone: ^_^ yayness
Pyramid Plunder: Fiddling with maps and eating twinkies
Xbox 360 port of Insanity: Current focus. Prolly around 95% done.

Go go go!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pyramid Plunder update!

Here is a nice demo video!

As of this video, game just needs a tiny bit of polish, and tweaks to difficulty. Other then that, DONE!