Friday, July 1, 2011

The scoop. Post CCAG, and stuff

Here is what is going on thus far and whatnot. An inside-scoop, behinds the scenes, OMG YEAH. if you will!

Arkhan (Me):
  • optimized/cleaned up Atlantean some. I reorganized it like an OCD lunatic. Worked on it's SFX, and started on new songs. I am happy with the parallax and sprite use.
  • Worked on music for Pyramid Plunder, since the SFX got happy feedback so I consider them done. Now I just need to lrn2Egypt some more for music.
  • worked on music for a friends game: . Shameless plug. Deal with it. ;)
  • meshed out more ideas/plans/code stuff for the rest of the Retrocade.
  • Messing with the HuCard design to slim it up slightly. Following a few more leads on manufacturing nice cards.
  • Taking a break from coding for about 2 weeks (summer vacation excitement! PS3, Famicom and PCE! GO GO GO!)

OldMan (not me):
  • Found/fixed a few bugs in Pyramid Plunder!
  • Working on Jungle Hunt engine (with myself and Sunteam_paul guiding and testing for him as far as controls/playability, and visuals. I think the Atlantean style parallax will be showing up in it)
  • Still tinkering with HuCard construction!

J (also not me):
  • Noodling with Skate or Die 2 prototype to flesh it out into something thats not a prototype.

Sunteam_Paul (our artistic savior):
  • Working on Skate or Die artwork like a mad scientist. That should be our next presentable demo.

There is some other stuff, but that is what is going on thus far.

Its sure nice to have help in the land of Aetherbyte. I suck at art, and programming is time consuming.

I hope some of you buy the Xbox 360 port of Insanity X!

If it does reasonably well, I fully intend to move Retrocade games there.

Get it here!: