Sunday, December 4, 2011


Whoosh whoosh!

This is my last week of class, and then 2 days of finals, and I am free to work on things again!

Brief updates:

Prototype HuCard contest is going on at , where people are high-score competing to win the ability to buy one of the prototype cards.

That being said:

The cards will have a few funny little demos/doodads on it. It's a novelty piece, not a commercial power house. It's being used to raise funds to make our board professionally, rather than personally.

When the real-deal boards are ready for mass distribution, they are going to have the following games:

Light Cycles

So, 4 games all slapped onto one HuCard, with some Turbo flair to them to make them more than an Atari 2600 caliber release.

More details on that to come.

Retrocade is coming along, and work should pick up on it once the semester concludes in 1.5 weeks. :)

ALSO, I will be selling Insanity X soundtracks. Light scribed color discs in a matching slim jewel case. They'll be 10$ and include:

Remastered Insanity Synthtunes
Remastered Insanity Chiptunes
Aetherbyte Theme

All proceeds will be going towards further development of PCE stuff.