Monday, November 8, 2010

Insanity X

I'm currently updating the music for Insanity X. Shit sounds thumpin.

In other news, there are animated bats.

They froat. THEY ALL FROAT.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Shiiiiiit people.

Life has been semi-disastrous, but do not fret.

News from the Aetherbyte front:

---loldrama. What else is new.
---I believe Keranu of Frozen Utopia is doing spritework for Retrocade. So now none of my horrible art is involved! WOO.
---We're planning stuff for the May CCAG show already
---Pyramid Plunder is AFAIK, 99.9% done. The .1% remaining is the sprites from Keranu, and any stuff that jumps out as awful during playtesting.
---With PP done more or less, Defender is alright. Bashing around some new ideas for it, and trying to convince a special someone to do the background work.
---Jungle Hunt. Yeah. Some stuff is going on. ... yeah.

so basically, sorry for the delay in updates. We're still here. We're still going, and we're not stopping.