Sunday, June 27, 2010

end of june updates!


So, the new job I have has given me some jet-lag. I'm not used to the whole being up in the morning thing :D.

So, the Pyramid Plunder demo is a bit delayed.

There are no technical difficulties, and the project is not abandoned! Do not worry.

I have two nice, new graphical tilesets thanks to Lord_Cack (Of Frozen Utopia/Mysterious Song fame). There are more tilesets to come from him, since Pyramid Plunder will have 6 different levels, each containing 5+ maps to clear.

Bring on the variety!

Anyway, I have been working on making mazes with the new tileset, and do hope/plan/intend/almost guarantee that they will be ready and a demo will be out this week for everyone....

complete with some sfx + music (using Squirrel), and these awesome new tiles.


The sfx need some work, but they're not TOO bad. They're placeholder. I'm picky about sound effects and would rather save the hours of sound effect tweaking for the very end, haha.


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