Thursday, November 4, 2010


Shiiiiiit people.

Life has been semi-disastrous, but do not fret.

News from the Aetherbyte front:

---loldrama. What else is new.
---I believe Keranu of Frozen Utopia is doing spritework for Retrocade. So now none of my horrible art is involved! WOO.
---We're planning stuff for the May CCAG show already
---Pyramid Plunder is AFAIK, 99.9% done. The .1% remaining is the sprites from Keranu, and any stuff that jumps out as awful during playtesting.
---With PP done more or less, Defender is alright. Bashing around some new ideas for it, and trying to convince a special someone to do the background work.
---Jungle Hunt. Yeah. Some stuff is going on. ... yeah.

so basically, sorry for the delay in updates. We're still here. We're still going, and we're not stopping.


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