Friday, February 1, 2013


We're still awaiting the ultimate feedback results from the #MSXDEV 2012 compo.

Regarding Inferno:

The game has only been worked on for a mere 3 months.  It has been a hefty learning experience in z80 assembly.

Immediate plans for the game include:
  • Fixing the bug located by one of the other judges for the game.  
    • The sound cuts out if you jump off screen.  I rarely jump off screen, so this didn't come up for me.  It's an extremely simple fix.  A few minutes, if that.   I wish I'd caught it, so it would've never happened!   live and learn! :)
  • Rearranging VRAM.    
    • The art is going to be rearranged so that the game is easier to program.   It's a back-end thing.  None of you playing will notice.   However, the easiness it provides will allow the game to get done faster... :)
  • Rewriting the weapon collisions
    • The method I used turned out to be a bit of a pain to deal with and has resulted in less than awesome weapon collisions when attacking enemies.   It's not awful, but it certainly isn't as precise as you'd expect.
  • Adding doors/switches
    • It will make the levels even harder.   I'm sure you guys will love that. 
Those are the immediate things on the radar for the game.   Once this is all squared away, the next thing then is to make more levels, and add all of the enemies!  The engine will basically be done.

However, Atlantean now takes precedence, so Inferno is on the backburner until that project is complete.  
Don't worry.  It's not abandoned.  Just paused, like I did for Atlantean to work on Inferno :)

Regarding Pyramid Plunder:

 Right on schedule... :)

It's February.  You know what that means!   Atlantean is off of Pause Mode and is going to resume being worked on. 

Yeah! 2013!

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