Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another update regarding Atlantean!

The game code is at a point where I am letting a few friends test it to identify how much a dick I am with the difficulty.

I am passed the point of being able to tell what's hard with the basic enemy waves because I am so used to the game that I just kind of zip around and blow everything up.

In the meantime, I can now focus on finishing the tunes for the game!

Because this game is really just a simple arcade game with a few game sequences, I am again choosing to make the music catchy, and short.  Nothing long and drawn out.  I don't want the music to be some epic piece that distracts you.  

This is probably apparent in the demonstration video of the attack-wave music.   I basically just use some heavy metal influences and run with it.  

So, you can expect a handful of catchy, brief chiptunes in the game that are all chock full of some 1980s galloping beats and will keep you tapping your feet while you try not to get blown up.

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