Sunday, August 17, 2014

Shipping Updates!

Another small handful went out.

I would've sent more, but there was a mishap with the last bit of the manuals we had printed.

I check the manuals / etc. again before I pack them to ship out... and...

I don't think the last little handful dried before the printer-dude slid them together into the stack.   They have spots where the ink is completely gone and it's just white.    

I don't want to send anyone manuals with flakey smudges.

If anyone does receive a manual that has crappy smudging, e-mail us directly with a photograph of it.   I'll be sure to send you a fresh manual.

In other news:

We have received a TON of waiting list orders.   To everyone who is a part of the coolest waiting list ever, please be patient as we get everything together for that second batch.

The ROM business should be sorted out in the earlyportions of this week as well, finally.   Since we're about all caught up on this mess!


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